I was first introduced to paintless dent removal when I was around 19 years old working as a spray painter after completing a motor vehicle diploma at Huddersfield technical college. I had taken my work experience at school at a local Bodyshop when I was around 15 and I knew then I wanted to pursue a career in vehicle bodywork. After watching the dent technicians working their magic making dents disappear infront of me,I was fascinated with the skills they had. They made it look all so easy and they where clearly very skilled technicians,but I soon found out that this was going to take many years to master and become a skilled pdr technician. I bought my first pdr tools and started practicing and the years went by as I slowly picked up experience inbetween spray painting. I would practice dent removal whenever I could, constantly learning new tips and tricks kept me interested,making mistakes was a big part of learning but it was also frustrating,pdr requires a lot of patience and you need to be dedicated otherwise you will almost certainly not learn how to master the process,I became obsessed with being able to finish a dent repair to perfection,and challenging myself to push my skills to the limits.I was determined to become a top class pdr technician. Through that time I have surprised people and sometimes surprised myself with the severity of dents that I have managed to repair. However I get just as much satisfaction repairing a small dent,even small dents depending on the location and type of dent can be very difficult to repair and even now I am 33 and I still get just as much satisfaction and find the job just as rewarding as I did when I was just starting to test my skills.

Dan McNab

Dan McNab

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Extreme Dent Removal is a Paintless Dent Removal Specialists situated in West Yorkshire.

Our Highly skilled Technicians have over 10 Years of Industrial experience and a passion for perfection working on a multitude of vehicles from Ferrari to fiat.

We offer a mobile service so we can attend to your vehicle anywhere required.

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